Friday, February 8, 2013

Twigs Florist in Lake Bluff- a Treat for the Senses

My favorite florist, Twigs, located in downtown Lake Bluff, is a delight for the eyes.  I cannot wait to go in the little shop and look at the gorgeous flowers.  European in personality, the shop is packed with style.  Just take a look at these store windows- they stopped my car in its tracks as I was driving home the other night and I  had to turn around and drive by again just to soak in the sheer delightful beauty of  it!

One of the most exquisite store windows that I have ever seen. 
 As the flowers start to fade, Jeannie places them in the heart wreath to dry.  So so pretty.
Looks like a window in Paris!

 One of the gorgeous arrangements that she has made for me over the years.


I love these little iron eggs that she fills with little bouquets.

Birthday flowers from Mr. RTH- enjoyed on the terrace  with a glass of rose from a favorite California vineyard.

Centerpiece for a wedding reception at my home

 A little arrangement that she made for me to take to a friend.
Bouquet for a wedding shower at my home
Gorgeous bouquet for my surprise birthday dinner last summer!

little arrangements made for a brunch at my home last week.

Sweet little arrangement given as a birthday gift to a friend!

A tussie mussie in pink opaline glass for a birthday brunch.

Her roses stay fresh for days and never droop.
Love these little stone hearts- I wonder what she'll do with them???
I am looking forward to a little trip to the shop to see what tickles my fancy for Valentines.
Jeannie and her staff are so talented.  If you live in the area, please visit Twigs.
 They get my highest endorsement!  Their work is simply exquisite!
And as an added bonus, they are delightful to work with!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

wow, it does look like a lovely florist shop for sure, very lush
and abundant.
Love your arrangement that she made,
very beautiful and very artfully done. Yea, those stone hearts are
really neat. Hope I get to see what you get from her for Valentines day. lol

Blessings for a lovely Valentines day,

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

These flowers and arrangements are exquisite!!!! As a retired floral designer I so appreciate their beauty! We did very similiar work at the florist where I worked for several years and they did all the flowers for my daughters wedding. Every arrangement you showed us is beautiful. What state are you in? I also love the name Twigs:) XO, pinky

frenchbourne said...

I should believe that window is possible after all the beautiful arrangements twigs have made but it does look like one of the stores we would travel across the pond for just to go search it out. Here it is right in your own die for...I could just here you talking to yourself when you came across that window.