Sunday, February 17, 2013

Venice Inspiration for the Home

It is one of those rare mornings - I have a few moments to reflect on things.  I am excited- today we are starting to paint our new location for our new Romancing the Home concept.  We are starting to conceptualize our first sale- a collection of beautiful inspirations from Paris.  But more to come on that later.   As I start to think about these open houses for our treasured customers, I realize how much my purchases are inspired by traveling to new places- both internationally and in the good old USA.   This morning I realize how many things in my home are reflective of my trip to Venice. I can almost re-live the trip by remembering where I purchased each one or remembering where it was made.

Crusty old urns and crowns

layering of different textures and textiles

Painted distressed finishes

 opulent velvets

Opera glasses for performances at the famous Venetian opera house
Old carved wooden candelabra

 Royalty and crowns

From Venice, I always think of leopard for some reason. Must be the cats!

 old parchment covered books- I remember finding these at a book fair in a church yard on a Saturday morning. 
Putti details

 Metal cornices- love the detail of the design.

Old gilded furniture frames

 Old embroidered velvet textiles

Venetian glass

Decided to buy a different one at every Venice shop. That way if I broke one, I could always add another style to complete a table.  My husband almost divorced me as we hand carried these through  many airports to get them home!
We were late arriving for a flight from Paris and had to run through the Paris airport with 2 big boxes of them. Now we laugh about it- but it wasn't so funny then!  Sure enough- I broke one the first dinner party that I used them.  so I just found another unique one to add to the set!

 The two glasses on the end are from an antique shop in Florence.

Just found the Venetian cordials on the top shelf  last month!

another collection of Venetian glasses-

I think our customers will embrace the idea of different patterns in a set of crystal.

A Venetian glass compote- just sitting on my buffet- waiting for its chance to go the one of the first
Romancing the Home sales.

So is the pretty little Venetian tooth pick holder- perfect for q-tips on your dressing table!

An exquisite piece for many things.

 More old parchment books from Italy's flea markets.

 Italian influenced pillows - one from Italy and the other made here in the US

A hand carved wooden doll that I purchased from a Venetian artist in one of the back alleyways in Venice..
I will never forget going in her shop- I thought I was in heaven. Hand carved and painted, then dressed with antique pieces of old lace and beads. 

So I can see a future  Romancing the Home sale with Venice as a theme.  It is a place where so many gorgeous elements come together- architecture, fabrics, crystal and of course the delicious cuisine.
Yes - definitely this will be a fun sale to put together.  But after Paris!  Stay tuned for further details on these upcoming Romancing the Home Events.  We are busy creating magic for you!


Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Venice is a special place, and you have lots of beautiful things to remember it by...

Splenderosa said...

Susan, you have stopped me in my tracks today with this post. I love everything Italian (which is part of my heritage). And, I think mixing patterns is so happening now, too boring having everything match. I love what you've done, your home is a treasure and I know your new venture will be hugely successful. Wonderful!!

Sarah said...

Venice is a place we've not visited, but is on our list. Had a trip scheduled this spring, but we've changed our plans for now. Your post is making me regret our decision. '-) How I wish I lived near Chicago and could take advantage of your new venture. I'll be eager to see it unfold here on your blog. I'm awestruck by that lovely doll. She has the most amazing face. I'd love to hear the whole story about her. ~ Sarah

Christy said...

Gorgeous! Everything! The Venetian glassware is stunning. I love the crowns. This new venture is not coming fast enough. I'll be the first in line!

savvycityfarmer said...

of course having viewed these items with my own eyes,

all the MORE appreciated!!
stunning details Susan!!

I had not seen "the bench" yet dressed in brown velvet

oh my!!!

frenchbourne said...

Looking at those beautiful settings someone would think it was Venice. Your collection is quite stunning. Its better than what I did see in least available in the stores. If any of those pieces are heading to the shop I think me and many others will be camping out. Its a new level of shopping at romancing the home.

The Equation book said...

Your collection is wonderful.I so much like your hand carved wooden doll.