Friday, July 25, 2014

Black Bacarra Rose

A new favorite for me this year- the black Bacarra Rose.  I have never seen such intensity in color as the velvet petal of this rose.  When we bought the rose this spring, the rose vendor said the specimens were not first class this year and they didn't really recommend the rose for our garden. But if we really wanted it, we could have it for a discounted price.  We took the chance! 

Look at the richness of this red with the black undertones.

Shall we dance?

                                   You can almost feel the velvet texture of the petals in this photo.

Velvet against iron- love the contrast.

Simple beauty, a single flower in a silver compote with a dash of green.

Nothing more beautiful !


Christy said...

Looks like scrumptious red velvet!

Katha said...

So beautiful, that is for sure! Glad you got lucky with your purchase of that species.
How about some pictures of your present location?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What is the greenery called? I love it but don't know what to ask for.

frenchbourne said...

i was never a red rose fan or I should say it never was my favorite....I changed my mind...this is really beautiful!! I don't think its luck, I think its the fairy godmothers touch..aka...Madame Founder