Monday, January 18, 2016

Birthday Celebrations at Maple and Ash in Chicago

Last night, we dined at a fabulous restaurant in Chicago to celebrate the birthdays of my son and daughter.  What a delightful place to celebrate with family and friends. 
First of all, the décor was amazing.  Venetian plaster walls, gray and chartreuse color scheme, reclaimed oak floors, and opulent lighting created a sumptuous atmosphere.

 Dramatic lighting fixture in the center of the dining room.
When first seated at the table,  French radishes with butter and black sea salt, olives, and cubes of cheese await your tasting.  Then a small martini- compliment of the chef is poured for each adult at the table.

There are many artisanal cocktails on the menu.

Their specialty entrees are steaks and this incredible seafood tower .

Mia enjoyed a starter plate of meatballs and sauce.
The rest of us enjoyed rib eyes, lamb and fish entrees.  The sides- mac and cheese- loaded mashed potatoes -  were decadent and large enough to share. 

My daughter ordered a wedge salad  with fried onion rings, big chunks of bacon and tomatoes.
But the finale was my favorite- an ice cream service to finish the meal.
A two tiered tray arrives filled with fancy toppings to create your own individual sundae.
Home made ice cream is served in crystal compotes for each guest.
The birthday guest get candles-----


Caramel and chocolate sauce, pineapple, bananas, cherries, salted caramel chips, coconut , nuts are filled in small crystal glasses.

Kayleigh enjoying her ice cream.
I love this ice cream service concept for an easy to prepare dessert at home.  With the huge choice of artisanal ice creams in the grocery store today, the combinations are endless.  I can already envision Purple Doors Salted Caramel ice cream with bananas, smoked chocolate chips, whipped cream and hot fudge sauce, along with toasted pecans.  Yummy! Put all those items in vintage glasses on a tiered silver tray and you have a glorious dessert!


Laurell Banner said...

Looks like a fabulous place to go. Love the decor and the food looks amazing.
I am glad Julia and Tyler had such a special day.

Christy said...

What could be better than a dish of delectable and scrumptious ice cream especially served with yummy combinations in the crystal goblets!! And the seafood tower was so impressive!! Maple & Ash is a must try on my list. Loved the candelabras on the tables.