Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Details on Building a House

We are down to the final 12 weeks before we can actually move in to our new home.  It seems that all the fun details are beginning to happen and it is so much fun to watch! 

One of the biggest engineering projects has been to design a 15 foot high retaining wall that will
ultimately hold the dirt that will become our driveway into the garage!  Finally this week, huge sandstone blocks arrived and were put into place forming a tall wall.  It should be finished this week, so that next week we can install garage doors!

The conservatory stone wall was completed and the 12 foot windows were trimmed out.
Final step is to grout the floor and that happens today!

 The crown molding installation is moving along nicely and
  has been primed to it's gauntlet grey color. 

This window shows the intricate trim that the architect designed around the windows. It really makes a big difference in the overall height of the windows.  This particular window is 45 inches off the floor to accommodate the  long slender cabinet below.
This Italian cabinet will house chargers and serving pieces.

 The man cave for my husband- lovingly named the "Fly Shop" as it will store many fly rods and flies for his fly fishing passion.   The room is filled with light and opens on to a lower level deck.
The river is next to the deck- a tempting scene for a man with a fly rod!

Simple wood floors have been installed on the lower level and are waiting for their
4 coats of high gloss white lacquer paint!  I purchased the beautiful grey and gold doors from my friend Linda D. .  They came from a hotel in Paris and were white when we got them.  My friend Laurell lovingly painted them grey and enhanced the gold details for me.  I chose hardware for them yesterday from the greatest store-"Bella" in Asheville.  Chad, our trim guy, will build door jams and install them soon. 
Unlacquered brass knob and back plate will be used on all the gray doors on the lower level.


My bathroom cabinets arrived and have been installed. 
We are now waiting for countertops, hardware and sinks.

Jay's knotty alder sink base in a light gray tone works great with the marble floor.
The brushed nickel sink will be installed in Jay's vanity along with this unusual faucet!

 The front of the kitchen island in the deep gray color.  Now I need to make a decision on honed white marble or quartzite for the top.
Waxed polished brass hardware will look great on the dark gray color.
It is all the details that come together that give the home a personality.  We have such talented
tradesmen working on the house- each with a real pride in the their work.  I feel fortunate to work with these highly respected professionals and am truly enjoying the process.  While I am looking forward to moving in to the house, it is the building of the home that I enjoy the most!


Unknown said...

How totally fabulous it all looks.

Splenderosa said...

Susan, I love GRAY !! Everything you're doing is absolutely perfect for this area of the country. The river/stream alone is heaven. Keep updating us. It's fun !!! Come on over to my place, got some goodies going on over here. xx's

Ian's Girl said...

SPECTACULAR! Thank you so much for letting us share in the excitement.

Christy said...

Jay's sink is gorgeous and love your tall windows. 12 weeks thrilling! Brass hardware is fabulous! I think the conservatory will be your favorite spot!

Jill said...

It all looks so wonderful!!-- as of course I knew it would!--- Jay is gong to love his special room, the conservatory really looks special--- well, really all of it does!---it is going to be a spectacular home!!---- and in just a few weeks now!!

Deb said...

Having just returned from a week in the Smokey Mountains, as soon as I saw a river flowing I thought of your blessing of having such in your back yard. I fell in love with the countryside (even though I had had enough of the primitive/cabin décor! :)Love seeing the details come to life in your new home. And you are right. Sometimes it's the process of planning and building that is as exciting or more so than the actual move in! But, I can't wait to see those details as well.
It will be here before you know it.

MT said...