Friday, November 11, 2016

New House Updates

It seems that everyday something exciting is happening at the construction site.  This past week countertops were chosen.  Since the cabinets were installed last week, the fabricator met me on site to measure for the countertops this week.  What an intense walk-through!  I have installed marble and granite before, but I must say that this was the most detailed measurement process that I have ever witnessed.  Edge details, counter height versus stove height, faucet positions, sink positions, honed or not honed, thickness of counter, back splash or no back splash- wow!  My head was spinning when I left.  Four hours of  making my brain work hard- I am simply not used to it.  I left with a headache.

Prep kitchen cabinets ready for ovens and dishwasher.  A dark grey limestone countertop will be used in this room.  It matches the gray in the porcelain floor perfectly.

 Dark gray cabinets will flank the matt black French range and frame it against the stone wall.
The dark grey limestone will be used on these counters.

Master bath- gets white honed marble counters.

  The craft and laundry room has 2 large work surfaces- over 10 feet each.  Originally it was going to have black quartz- man made counters.  But I learned this week that leathered black absolute granite was a much less costly choice.  Who would have guessed?  So, black leathered granite it is!

 My favorite stone- a leathered quartzite - called Victoria Falls- is the choice for the kitchen island and sink area.  Quartzite is resistant to acid etches- lemons, limes, tomatoes, etc making it more durable than granite.  This particular one has a soft white and grey color in a subtle soothing pattern. The leathering process makes it look antiqued and weathered.

The 8 inch white oak floors were installed this week.  They will be finished to a soft gray dull finish.
The supplier roughed up the board's surfaces just enough to give it an antique appearance.

Showers are getting tiled this week too!

But my favorite happening of the week----

The French hotel doors from my friend Linda D. and lovingly painted by Laurell for me-
were framed in and installed this week.  There are five of them in this vestibule on the lower level and it really does feel like you are in a Paris boutique hotel. Our trim guy- Chad- was masterful at creating the frame around the door.  All of the trim will be painted dark gray to blend with the doors.

 And finally-

The large boulder wall got built this week.  Now fill dirt can be brought in and the driveway completed.  Now it's off to select cobblestone pavers to finish the job!

It's about 12 weeks away from moving in- 12 crazy weeks for sure.


Lorene said...

Love your decorating taste.......and I so enjoy reading your blog.....can't wait to see your new home finished!

Christy said...

The Victoria Falls quartzite is gorgeous. I cannot wait to see the kitchen in place with the oven. The progress is unreal. So fast, so much detail. My head would be spinning. i love the updates on the house.

Katha said...

The house looks amazing Susan!!! Absolutely love all your choices ! The French doors are so special in so many ways. What memories you will have whenever you look at them. Cannot wait to see it completed!!!

Jill said...

Think the quartzite is just the ticket!--- love everything but as Katha said the doors are so very special!--- also think those boulders are pretty darn impressive!!---- it is amazing what a week can do!-- glad I'm here now to see some of this build too!!.... And to shop with you for more things to fill it with!!

MT said...

Love love love the quartzite-it is spectacular - it's all spectacular! XO

Mattie said...

The way the white oak flooring accentuates the cozy feel of the room really helps bring the remodel together, I think. I did something similar when I swapped out the faded linoleum in my home with a darker oak and was more than happy with the outcome. Just remember to get an area rug to avoid scratches!