Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Atlanta Gift Show Highlights

A new vendor for personalized cutting boards- either with your name or family crest! The perfect wedding gift and there are many styles available.
Burlap buckets - cute as market bags, floral containers or as a wine bag.

The awesome centerpiece- a crown filled with mood moss and the lambs- so sweet!

A beautiful silver line from Argentina- with horn handles.

Herve Gambs candles- the scents are amazing. There are room sprays that you mist the small floral arrangements to use instead of diffusers or potpourri!

An assortment of amuse bouche vessels for our Bistro area.

Impressive carved wood lantern for the French Chateau statement.

The highest quality baskets for serving and carrying food.

Two impressive little books- gilded edges and padded velvet covers! and just wait til you see the new entertaining one that's coming out in the fall! Entertaining in true French style!

Verdigris planter boxes- can't you just see them filled with herbs in your window sill?

The Atlanta Gift Show was awesome this year. We found so many fantastic new things for our store. As I promised yesterday, I am showing you some of my favorite things. Things are already starting to arrive! In addition to the home furnishing items, we have brought back over 2000 new pieces of jewelry and scarves! Come on in and check them out!

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