Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Whites - Why I love Chicago in the Winter!

Burn scented candles and enjoy the aroma.
Time to enjoy your favorite hot beverage in a beautiful mug!

Snuggle by the fire and ponder through all those decorating books!

Serve a roasted tomato soup in an old Paris porcelain tureen, even if it's Campbells!
Enjoy the patina of old well worn books- maybe even read them!!!!

Re- work your accessory displays. A preserved boxwood ball and a little vintage glass from Lynda are added to my living room mantel.

An antique water cooler is adorned with a shooting star hydrangea.
Grocery store roses are opened gently by hand and enjoyed in a French candelabra that's been fitted with pegged tea light holders from Hobby Lobby.

Winter- It is a dreary time of the year to live in Chicago- no flowers in the garden, no green grass, grey skies- you know what I mean?? But winter is a great time of the year to enjoy your home, nest a little, try new recipes and catch up on all those piled up magazines and books! I love to create new accessory vignettes by just moving around what I already own. Adding fresh flowers and plants brighten up the grey days, and burning scented candles of exotic florals keeps me content with winter in Chicago. I especially enjoy my white accessories in the winter- they seem to brighten up a room. It's time to re-think how your rooms are being used, organize and start those creative endeavors that you have put off since summer. And an occasional old movie while lounging on the sofa in your pajamas is the ultimate indulgence! Winter has it's benefits- if nothing else you can plan your spring garden!

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savvycityfarmer said...

sigh ... spring can't be far away ...

thanks fo rsuch a delightful day by the lake