Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting the New Year

The week after Christmas is spent cleaning up the store and condensing Christmas merchandise as it sells down. It is always challenging to create new displays until the spring merchandise arrives. So this year we have brought in some new antiques to spice up the store for January. Using a theme of figural elements, we combined old busts, black and white books, grey and white pillows of women, and the fabulous oversized chair. I love the little vintage compote with the bust and the touch of emerald green. Oversized grey, black and white napkins sit on the tray by the lady statue. Mercury glass votives embellished with gold crowns are a great gift and add a bit of sparkle to the display.

As the new year begins, we look forward to all that it will bring. We are excited for Angela at as she begins her exciting new venture with her online magazine. I am anxiously awaiting the first issue. Hop over to her site and order your online subscription now!

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