Friday, February 24, 2012

Crepe Cake filled with Chocolate Ganache and Orange Marmalade

My daughter in law was in town last weekend and she has a definite sweet tooth. I had been wanting to try a version of a crepe cake for a while and decided that it was perfect for dinner with her. I made a simple chocolate ganache using equal parts heavy cream and milk chocolate (about 9 oz. each for this recipe) and used Stonewall Kitchen's Mimosa Jam for the orange marmalade. Fresh Market sells a delicious frozen crepe that is already made, so I took the lazy road and purchased 3 packages of them for the cake. To assemble the cake, you simply spread about 3 tablespoons of chocolate ganache on a crepe and then about 1 tablespoon of the orange marmalade is spread over the chocolate layer. Repeat the steps until all the crepes are stacked on top of each other. Then refrigerate until ready to serve. This cake has 18 layers and still was not as tall as I had wished. While these crepes are very good, the next time I would make homemade crepes from our cookbook "Romancing the Home Entertains", as they tend to be a little more "cake like" in texture and thicker. I garnished the cake with long stem strawberries that I purchased at Costco. I sliced them in half, dipped them in chocolate and rolled them in pistachios. They looked so pretty on the cake! My family really enjoyed this treat! I will be joining for Foodie Friday. Check out the other people joining the party for some foodie inspiration!


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MT said...

Seriously Susan I think you have even outdone your fabulous self!!!! What a lucky daughter in law
Beautiful cake over the top presentation !

Katha said...

Love the new format! Yum,Yum, the cake sure looks delicious!