Monday, September 17, 2012

The Wedding Reception- Finally Here!

food finally on the table!

Grilled lamb chops and scallions with cream cheese and salami

Penny's olive dip

tomato and mozarella basil boats

roasted corn salad in peppers

roasted asparagus in prociutto

roasted red pepper cheesecake

mini beet napoleons

Strawberry tree

top of cake for amy and john to take home

macaroons on the sweets table

frozen floral ice bucket made of peonies, roses and herbs

"let them eat cake" dessert martinis complete with angel food cake stirrers

such a pretty drink!

close up of the frozen ice bucket - love to make these as they are such a surprise when unveiled!

now full of wine and champagne!

angel in the center of driveway holding flowers in basket

Lloyd pouring champagne from rhinestone embellished bottle

floral bouquets throughout the house

statue holding bouquet on buffet in dining room

the amazing cooks, decorators , bottle washers and just all around great team

time to clean up

jobs complete and we are still smiling and good friends!

After all, isn't this what its really all about???   Fairy tales do come true!

A true team- the Romancing the Home girls do it again!  What can I say-  when this group of women put their minds to it- magic just happens!   Laurell, Candy, Penny, Katha, Julie, Linda, and Christy all made Amy and John"s day happen.  It was a gorgeous 75 degree day - the sun was shining and people were happy!  It was so much fun meeting John and Amy's delightful family and really fun friends, just a great mix of people.  Each of the RTH girls helped prepare the food and decor.  When we toured Amy through the special touches that we had made for her, tears flowed- both from her eyes and ours.  Lloyd kept all the glasses full  and replenished. Jesse, Laurell's daughter in law, did an amazing job taking great pictures of the event.  I love a the intimate gathering of friends and family in one's home- it gives a home its soul.  The girls really did an amazing job - so professional yet so personal for our Amy.  We love you Amy! We will be joining for Tablescape Thursday.


Emily said...

Susan...simply breathtaking! Every detail was a "WOW" moment..but the ice bucket and the dessert drinks were my absolute LOVE! You are superb girlfriends to have...kind, generous and talented!

Anonymous said...

The most elegant affair I have ever been to. Such love and friendship brought together in one fabulous and lovely party.
Amy was brought to tears she was so happy and felt all the love surrounding her.
Susan your home was I think the loveliest I have ever seen it. Good job.!
What a perfect day.

Anonymous said...

Dazzling,elegant and divine! It was a lovely day and the love was in the air! One of the most gorgeous tables I have ever seen. Every appetizer was not only yummy but so pretty, too.

savvycityfarmer said...

I've lost track from being in Indiana ... I'm trying my best to come up with words ... I can't find any ...
S, it's beyond words!!

I know for sure your guests and Amy were in awe for the entire day.
What a way to make a couple feel like royalty.

Mariterese said...

ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! I got all chocked up looking at the pictures!
I just love the picture of sweet Amy and her new man!!!
Fairy Tales do come true!
Love all of you

Katha said...

My oh my, what a stupendous day! Romance was in the air and beauty was abundant both inside and outside the house. Once again, Susan, your many talents were on display for all to enjoy. It was positively glorious!! Thanks for letting me be a part of RTH.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

So mad I missed it! I did go home and sleep all afternoon!
Just beautiful - wishing I just would have sucked it up and got in the truck!
You are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Everything looked fabulous! The last photo of John and Amy shows so much passion, very inspiring for those who search for true love! As always, impressive talent!

Una said...

It's so impressing!

What an interesting blog!

Mary said...

What beautiful, delicious details and utterly drool-worthy! I know the bride & groom were beyond thrilled!

Unknown said...

Incredibly beautiful. The flowers, the crystal, the silver and the food - I loved every detail.

Marlis said...

I am just in awe.. it's so fabulous. Omg, the food, the set up.. just a lovely setting for a memory! xo marlis