Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tiny Tomatoes

The arbor that was built last summer from juniper trees removed from our yard

The arbor covered with tiny tomatoes this summer!

Tomatoes have grown all the way to the top of the 9 foot structure!

Red currant, baby yellow Roma's, and cherry tomatoes for dinner tonight!

Remember the arbor that Mr. RTH and our friend, Dave, built for me last summer?  Well, this year we decided to plant red currant, baby Roma, and cherry tomatoes on it. It all started with  Mr. Coykendall, at Blackberry Farm, who gave me a heirloom red currant tomato plant to bring home.  I must say that this little little little tomato really packs in the flavor.  I love roasting these on the vine to accompany a main dish.They are very sweet and have that old fashioned tomato taste from our childhood.  Who would have guessed that 6 little tomato plants only 10 inches tall would have grown this tall and this big  in several months?  Mother Nature really  is awesome!


Splenderosa said...

How wonderful !!!

Mystica said...

So pretty!

Deena said...

I love looks beautiful and delicious!