Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding Reception at Home - Final Thoughts

flowers of dahlias and apples from my neighbors yard still looking good in the kitchen-
just add hydrogen peroxide to the water if you don't have flower food.

almost one week later and the flowers from Twigs are still  magnificent- Jeannie you are a true find!

loving this old urn once painted black, that Laurell made
 look like old aged gold patina- she's my girl and  so talented!

enjoying the flowers from Home Depot off my back service door! Never looked that good before!

Dahlias floating in hydrogen peroxide solution on my coffee table

mums still looking good!

front foyer still bright and happy!

One of the perks of having a home wedding is being able to  enjoy the leftover decor.  Today was a rainy cold day in Chicago- fall is here. and I spent the  entire day in front of a roaring  fire  going through the 2000 plus photos that we took of the wedding reception last weekend. I edited many and started Amy and John a  photo wedding book. ( Don't you just love digital???  2200 photos would have cost more than the  party food to develop 10 years ago and then only 5  percent would have been worthy of the book!)..  It did take all week to put everything back together in my home - glasses away, borrowed containers returned, etc. you know what I mean.  But I am left with the flowers from the party, many small chores complete that are only done if one is having a party!, and a lot of wonderful memories.  When I look at the details of the party and think of who contributed each one,   I feel extremely lucky to have such an incredible group of women working with me at Romancing the Home.


Anonymous said...

We are the lucky ones to have you for our inspiration.....your vision and talent inspire me all the time. The front porch still looks so pretty and I covet that bench by your service door! The party was one of my favorite events this summer.

Mr Paul said...

Stunning, the flowers are an absolute triumph.

Mariterese said...

Oh Susan you are just AMAZING and Christy is so right
And I also covent that bench by your service door!