Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding Reception Preparation Continues - Making Rhinestone Bouquets

Love this little hand dyed bird- done for me by a talented lady in Atlanta

A trophy filled with old buttons, rhinestone pins, mesh roses and vintage velvet millinery leaves.

The old silver basket on the left was my moms

Until yesterday, I was still searching for the unique and creative  accents for the upcoming wedding reception.  I have seen a lot of "brooch bouquets" made of old vintage pins and buttons on different wedding blogs lately.  However, yesterday at Grayslake, I found my inspiration piece- an old tarnished silver coffee pot filled with a "brooch bouquet".  I purchased it from a very talented artist who's real business is making these incredible bracelets and she uses the leftover bits of jewelry to create these "whimseys".  So I purchased one and when home to work on it.  I removed the elements that didn't work with our party decor and re-created the little rhinestone bouquet using different leaves and adding in a stellar vintage rhinestone pin. Then I was on a roll- went out to the craft room, unearthed my rhinestone treasures and got busy making 4 more of these unique little treasures.  My favorite is the tall basket that was my moms.  I used some of her old rhinestone pins in it. ( I think these will be great for the holidays too! They will be perfect for powder rooms - small and sparkley)  So I think I'll make more for the store for our Christmas open house.) I wish the photos did these justice  - but they don't pick up the sparkle and depth of each piece.
Then I had an idea and called the girls- how about everyone contribute an old piece of rhinestone jewelry from their jewelry boxes and we will make a special "whimsey" for Amy using all of our combined contributions.  Tomorrow, I will start gathering the pieces from each of the girls and begin to create a special bouquet for Amy. can't wait to see how it turns out!


Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Those are absolutely stunning!

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

All of this was so pretty and what a great idea to make a bouquet special with personal rhinestone from her girls. Can't wait to see some more ideas.

Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous!